Picking my way through #LTHEchat 166

I have always been a little scared of Twitter: this is actually the first time I have ever typed a hashtag! I set off to have an (asynchronous) jaunt around https://lthechat.com/2020/02/09/lthechat-166-microsoft-teams-a-new-model-for-communication-and-collaboration-in-education-with-chrislearntech/

First of all, I found I was clicking all over the place and following up all sorts of sideshows and ads. Oops! Recalling my attention to the job in hand, I slowly realise that educators from all over the world are able to share information and practice, and, what makes it more interesting, it comes on LIVE every week!

(One sideshow was the fact that I had no idea about the potential which Microsoft Teams has. And, if I understand correctly, my institution may actually have access to this – seems a(nother) rich resource).

I now see what the LTHE people do – they first advertise the topic in advance. They give it a hashtag and evy tweets have to include this (presumably in order to link your tweet to the conversation). Then the whole group of conversations starts off at the given time with someone with something to say about the topic. There is clear information and links which you can follow to get acquainted with the topic – no prior knowledge seems to be required. A set of questions is made, and those who participate can refer directly to them – eg A5 would be in answer to Q5 (I had to read the guide to understand this – it’s just like getting into any other type of conversation where those in the know are chatting away using acronyms that you sadly know nothing about!)

This is clearly a great place to people watch – people who are engaged in HE pedagogy. Great!

OK – I’m going to have to have a go, live. I can’t this Weds but I will try to ASAP. Promise.