The WAVE tool is quite an eye-opener. I tried it out on several sites, including various CLA pages and some EduHack pages, too! Generally, the ones I mentioned came out reasonably well, although there were a few resolvable problems of “contrast”, where the colors chosen to highlight information (shades of blue) were too similar to the main color chosen (grey/black) and could prove difficult to distinguish for some readers.

The fact that the EduHack site is generally reader-friendly is to be expected, while it is also a relief to discover that the CLA pages are accessible in the main. A lot of work has been done in recent years, particularly by one of my colleagues, to make sure the CLA site is as accessible as possible to everyone. Reducing the amount of text on a page, limiting the colors used and choosing the most readable fonts are some of the actions that have been taken. These are also guidelines that we’ve attempted to follow in our creation of materials, like PowerPoint slides.

Out of interest (hopefully), our font of choice is the font I’m using here, Verdana, which research has shown to be one of the most accessible for dyslexic readers.