IELTS writing online. The purpose, scope, and goals of your eLearning intervention

I would adapt an existing face-to-face tutorial to an online situation with a new peer to peer aspect and a short tutor meeting which could be online; alternatively, the tutor could screencast a reply.

The story so far:

We already have a Writing Tutorial Class where students bring a first draft, check it against a model following a guided PowerPoint, and then discuss changes and advice with a tutor.

The online idea.

Students would

1. Experience a mock IELTS writing exam with “exam conditions” ie they would open the exam paper and a clock would give the 60 minutes to write the draft. They would then hand in their written first draft online within an established time frame

2. Students would self-assess their work with the help of a guided PowerPoint presentation, logging relevant points on a form with open questions to help with reflection

3. Students would then be sent another student’s work for comment – this time they would give advice on the other students’ work, through a guided checklist with a form

4. Students would then write and hand in their own second draft with changes taking into account their self-correction and the peer correction

5. Students would then receive a screencast /meet a tutor online for a guided appraisal

6. Immediately after the feedback, students would reflect and make a checklist of points to work on in future/ produce a third draft

Measurable objectives would include

Before and after performance – the second draft should be clearly different from the first. Raising awareness of IELTS marking criteria. Raising awareness of individual potential.

Our students are undergraduates – I don’t know what their experience of eLearning is – but I am guessing not much in this institution. They might expect the teacher to simply correct a single draft, but they would instead have to work on two drafts and peer correct too.

We would need: essay topics; a PowerPoint of a model answer and advice for self-correction, online forms to fill in for self and peer correction, tutor time, tool such as skype, adobe connect or zoom.