I would like just to introduce myself to the Community. My name is Cristina Raffaghello, Adjunct Professor at e-campus University and Eastern Piedmont University (Vercelli, Italy). I am an Anglistik. My studies concern Anglo-Saxon and Middle English Literature about several topics, as laws texts (Anglo-Saxon Kings, as Aethelred and Canute, together with Anglo-Normans, as William the Conqueror and Henry I). Other topics regard Reckoning of time (Byrhtferth’s Enchiridion) and Medicine (Chirurgical Instruments, food, and diets in the Middle English version of Lanfranc’s Chirurgia Magna), together with Lombard Laws (Rothar, Grimoald, Rachis, and Liutprand).

I think the first part of this course (Eduhack) about OER very useful and interesting; considering it is possible to access/create Open Educational Resources about my discipline, above all sharing texts and manuscript images.