After attending  this module  section,  I have got the opportunity to know some  great advantages of the social media,  however I could discovered a few different aspects,  to which we all have to pay much attention,  as well.  In fact,  when we are using a social medium to study,  teach,  work or for laisure, we can consider how and what we write about us and our own activities, and so “inform” all people about our  lives.  I think it is very important to let my students know to be careful when they are loading they homework or other information about themselves (for instance their ways of studying),   because – in my opinion – even if this could be useful and positive (eg. helping other guys and advicing them how to perform various tasks),  my learners could run the risk that their info might be used for negative purpose. Fortunately,  our DIR platform at Eastern Piedmont University is correctly managed, in order to avoid many risks.