I think padlet is a useful tool for augmenting collaborative groupwork, which could be in pairs, following the think-pair-share model, or in small groups (Round Robin). Obviously the premium version of padlet would provide greater scope for use with different classes, but the 3 or 4 padlets available with the free option can be re-used and modified depending on necessity, keeping the same template. They can also be shared productively among colleagues. Shared group goals, one of Dylan Wiliam’s two fundamental concepts, are quite simple to set up, although the other concept of individual accountability is less easy to establish. The padlet in the header image was used with a PhD course on writing academic papers. In 5 groups of 6, the students had to improve the clarity and conciseness of a sentence from a methodology section. This was done in class and proved very engaging, as students’ ideas appeared “live”. Each group autonomously appointed a reporter to write down their ideas on the padlet. The revised sentences were commented on by the other groups and final feedback was provided by the teacher. Access to the padlet remained open to allow students to modify additional sentences in their own time.